How to choose the Best Joomla Hosting?

The best Joomla Hosting belong to many factors. Usually, people think that the best Joomla hosting includes fast speed, top performance, and security. This is right to some extent, but not only, these factors are not enough to consider for selection the right Joomla hosting for services. best-joomla-hosting

Joomla was awarded with best CMS award back in 2005. Since 2005 till now, more than 15 hosting companies what we have been tried and tested to find out the best Joomla services, especially when it comes to budget and services. Due to our efforts, we have found a reliable service provider, which suits our needs and providing hosting to all existing Joomla sites effectively and efficiently. SiteGround Joomla Hosting package is one of those Joomla hosting service providers, which is providing best services, which is why it has been taken as an example in this article.

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Why you need the best Joomla hosting?

There are various reasons because of which you really need the best Joomla hosting. Some of them are as follows:

  • It has been noticed that online visitors prefer to leave the site within seconds if it takes time to load. The best Joomla hosting will make it possible for your site to load faster, and with this, you will be able to keep your visitor on your site for longer.
  • It is important to have best Joomla hosting to run the site with the best quality, especially if you are a click entrepreneur having a Joomla based site.
  • The good Joomla hosting company will help you in taking care of the security, the down time, and the risks associated with your site. Hence, when your site will be taken care of, it will become easy for you to focus on your business.
  • The flexible hosting solution for a faster business growth is also of immense importance and you can get this only when you will take services from best Joomla hosting company.
  • Last but not the least, Joomla hosting company offers you expert solution and effective support whenever you need.

When you need to choose the Best Joomla Hosting?

If you are in one of the following situations, then you should consider taking the good Joomla hosting for services in order to get rid of your situation:

  • You get started with your online business and want to run it with ease.
  • You already have a hosting company, but it doesn’t work the way you want.
  • You are looking for fast development process on your site.
  • Your site is working slow.
  • Your site is not responsive enough.
  • Your site stops working suddenly without any reason
  • Your site becomes slow due to heavy traffic.
  • Your site has security threats.
  • Last but not the least, you want to speed up the performance of your site.

If you are in any such situation, then the solution is to get best Joomla hosting, but what kind of hosting. Let ‘s discuss.

1. Joomla Compatible Hosting

Before taking any decision, we need to make sure that the hosting we are buying matches with our Joomla system requirements. To check this, you can contact any hosting provider or can also check its website before getting the services. If the company will be offering Joomla Hosting package, then it will support Joomla on its server too. Joomla Compatible It is immensely important to buy Joomla Hosting package instead of any general hosting package in order to get the best services. Keep in mind that if the hosting company will not upgrade the software and hardware automatically when needed, you will be out of your business, and this auto-upgradation facility can only be accessed with Joomla Hosting package.

2. Joomla one-click installation, auto update, and auto backup

joomla shared hosting All of us want to save our precious time even when it comes to setting up and running a business website. To achieve this goal, one must focus on getting services from Joomla hosting company, which is capable of providing one-click install Joomla facilitation. Security threats from internal source code is the major concern of every online business entity and if you will have Joomla hosting package then you will easily save your site from this security threat with the help of its Joomla auto update feature. Auto backup facility can serve the best to deal with the security issues. Thus, to deal with any possible hassle, there should be a backup/restore feature, which you can get from Joomla hosting company.

3. Fast & Reliable Joomla Hosting

Getting services from Joomla hosting company is indispensable if you want to have fast sites along with less down time. However, keep in mind that the performance and speed of the Joomla site are also dependent on the optimization of the site. Hence, it is important to understand that the site optimization will not work effectively if you will not choose the right Joomla hosting company offering the right platform to the site owners. new and improved Thus, in order to know whether the hosting is fast or not, just try it for at least 30 days. The best part is that these days, almost every hosting company offers the facility of money back guarantee within 30 days if you do not like their hosting services.

4. The Best Security Joomla Hosting

Let me share a secret with you. When I decided to take hosting services for my site, I made the wrong decision and preferred to get cheapest hosting services just to save some bucks. With this approach, I lost my important data including my customer information. The entire chaos made me suffer and my website lost its trust too. The worst part was that my website used to look reliable and safe but it was not. Hence, do not save money at the cost of your business repute, as a nonprofessional hosting company may suffer you a lot even it is about minute security concern. joomla security We all want to have a peace of mind while making investment into our business and this is what a reliable hosting company can offer us. Now the only concern that may rise in your mind is how you will know that the hosting company is doing well with the security. According to many people, judging the security measures taken by hosting company is quite difficult, but my opinion is very simple about this. If we will hire the services of any international hosting company then it is more likely that it will offer you secured services. Do you know why? It is because they will have the years of experience along with large number of loyal customers. Thus, they will not stake their market repute by offering you below-standard services. Hence, it can be said that one should avoid taking the services of any local hosting company if one wants to make sure that the security risks of the site must be dealt on time.

5. Joomla Cache Solution support

Caching can make Joomla work faster by ten times and even hundred times if you know the right way to optimize your Joomla site. To save the server resource, the hosting company must provide the high quality caching solution. But it is not that easy to provide this service, as the support time for this facilitation is too much as well. That is why most of the hosting companies do not support caching in shared hosting package.

Dealing with Joomla sites for years, we have found that SiteGround Joomla Hosting package is one of the best facilities that can offer world-class support SuperCacher including Memcached, Proxy Cache and CDN in one package to its customers.

CacheSetting Other than this, SiteGround also supports Google Page Speed with a convenient approach to use. Just need to turn it on.

6. Fast and Quality Joomla Expert support

To deal with Joomla sites, one needs to have such people in support, who know how to deal with it. In simple words, having Joomla hosting company with experts to deal with site issues on time becomes the indispensible need of every business entity having Joomla sites. Now the concern can be how to choose the hosting company with Joomla experts. Here again the experience of the company is something that does matter. Thus, we selected SiteGround because we know that this hosting provider is equipped with best Joomla experts to facilitate its clients. The best part about SiteGround is its efficient support time. The skilled force offers the average support ticket time of 7 minutes, which is quite amazing when we compare it to other hosting companies operating in the market. Moreover, the phone call support time is also zero. This surprised us a lot but yes, we are happy with its facilitation and quality services available at reasonable rates.

7. Proxy Cache & CDN support

Not many hosting companies in the world support Proxy Cache and CDN. The CDN is an external service with which the hosting company will connect with other services like CloudFlare or MaxCDN to give users the chance to turn on CDN in one-click. The static files like CSS/JS/Image will be cached in CDN or Proxy to serve the visitors right away when they will load without web server access and process. The process will not be quick only but will also save server hosting resource CPU and bandwidth. Moreover, the CDN and Proxy Cache will save the hosting company resource as well as the hosting account resource. Other than that, with the same hosting package, the CDN can facilitate much more visitors on Joomla sites

without spending much bandwidth for it. But the Proxy Cache is not that easy to provide support for shared hosting account which is why many hosting companies do not offer this facility but if they do, it becomes the ground to make the service faster. SiteGround Joomla Hosting package is available with full support of Proxy Cache (Varnish) and CDN (CloudFlare) with one-click set up and this is the reason due to which we selected this entity to provide hosting facilities.


We acknowledge the importance of Joomla in the online business world and understand how important it is for any business entity to have a reliable and stable quality website. For all this effort, to have reliable hosting services is something very important. We recommend you to consider SiteGround Hosting package for Joomla services but make sure that it suits your website and business needs.

If you have any problem with hosting or Joomla site, please contact us!

We also welcome your comments. Thanks!


  1. I see the topic (3) “Fast & Reliable Joomla Hosting”. How can I know the hosting company provide the stable service? How to check the downtime?

  2. The best joomla hosting will base on many factors, but to choose the right one, we need to base on traffic, not just general choice. Do you have any research base on the traffic?

    • Thank Kitrik for the idea. We already the result for the joomla hosting base on traffic. But the limit of this article it only focus on the quality. That mean the top #1 will have the best joomla hosting quality in general, if you choose the first package what can’t work with your traffic then you can choose the next one.

      Other than that, each hosting company package, they usually have the “refer traffic” where user need to keep to get the best result.

      But anyway, we will make sure we will have another article to show our research about that soon. Thanks again and welcome any more comment and idea.

    • Just need to do the caching configuration well then it ‘s easy to handle 2k vistors/day for any package of SiteGround.

  3. I am wondering what we need to do with proxy cache? How does it help? Can we use both CDN and proxy cache?

    • You need proxy cache for security and for static files cache. You can use both proxy cache and CDN but I think when you use CDN, you shouldn’t use proxy cache. It just take your time to clear cache 2 times if you want to clear :).

    • Yes, you can use both proxy cache and CDN for the same site, the performance should be better for product mode. In development mode, you just need to turn them off

  4. best joomla hosting is not just base on the speed or page load, it base on many other things like support, security, uptime … but yes, you #1 choice for SiteGround is a good one, but not all of cases they keep the good and fast speed. I do have 3 accounts from them, the true thing is 2 of accounts in US and EU work really fast but in Singapore work not too good. I don’t know why, do you know why?

    • Maybe there are some server what they don’t take care well, or maybe you are living in US/EU so that the access network to Singapore server can be slow. You may check if the users in Asia access your singapore site fast and stable or not to see the result.

  5. How about memcached, is it supported in your joomla hosting suggestion?

  6. the best joomla hosting in 2015 have a little bit change since joomla 3.x faster a lot and they optimise performance really good. Do you have any update in this year?

    • Basically, the listing is the same for 2015 since almost hosting companies update their fix and server base will not change. As you see the hosting companies always want to keep their customers happy so that they always upgrade their server software and management to save time, resource and optimise server. So the best joomla hosting list in 2015 is the same 2014. They are the list what all our customers happy with their service.

  7. Can you send me some sample sites? I want to check the speed. Thanks

  8. Any sites you can send me? Please send me via email. Thanks a lot.

  9. Cool man! I can’t believe a shared hosting can provide the full caching solution like that. They must invest a lot to their server and technical team. Anyway, it turn out a very good service hosting for joomla for all of us.

  10. I like the supercacher feature of siteground, it make my joomla site become so fast.

  11. Very good way to approach joomla hosting world. You got a very detail article about joomla hosting and show us how to take the good one. I think you did the research a lot before release this article.

    btw: I have a request for optimisation and development what I send you in contact page. Hope you will reply me soon. Thanks

  12. I believe the key feature for the best joomla hosting is caching. The caching will help joomla faster very much.

  13. I have to say you save me a lot of money for my business. Before seeing your article, I have a very difficult time with a huge down time problem from my old hosting. I move to dedicated server and it still happen until I see your suggestion and decide to move and it work fine until now. So nice to know a five stars hosting provider

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