Configure memcached for joomla

Configure memcached for joomla is quite easy but it will help your joomla site work faster a lot, so why not using memcached as cache engine for your joomla site if your hosting support memcached?

memcached for joomla

memcached for joomla

First of all, let ‘s open the configuration.php files in joomla root directory and edit this line

Make change it to something like this for default memcached settings

That ‘s all, let ‘s try to visit your joomla site again and see how fast it is. If you meet any problem, please make sure memcached is available on your server/hosting.

If you use shared joomla hosting then not many hosting support memcached to make joomla faster. One of good joomla hosting what support memcached well is SiteGround Joomla Hosting, it included memcached and settings in supercacher tools.

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