Enable GZip in .htaccess for Joomla

Enable GZip in .htaccess for Joomla will help you save ~70% for static files from server, so that don’t forget to do this for any of your joomla sites. Now let me show you the very easy way to do¬†Enable GZip in .htaccess for Joomla.



Can’t remember where I learned this but it is fairly common and works wonders. In case you have not heard of it in the past, Gzip is a server process that essentially compresses your files on the fly before transmission to the user. It is primarily used to compress text files such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with impressive results. Take the 90KB Mootools framework for example, Gzip reduces it to 26KB saving the visitor time and your bandwidth.

This code can most likely be placed anywhere in the .htaccess file. I like to put it below the Rewrite conditions and above the Expires for organizational purposes. Note that the If statements are really only needed if you are unsure that your host has it enabled or not.


Now time to check to make sure it work. Visit http://checkgzipcompression.com/ and enter your site to check


Now, it ‘s your turn to improve your site speed.

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