Free jQuery Tiles Gallery Effect

jQuery Tiles Gallery is a gorgeus way to immediately present all your pictures, the visitors of your web site can see all the pictures at a glance, like no other gallery or slider can do! And now It ‘s free one on codecanyon this month. You can check the demo URL here and download here: artwork-tg


jQuery Tiles Gallery arranges your images inside a random-generated grid, it’s much more than a simple multiple column layout, it’s a beautiful and fancy way to present your showcases, galleries, photos… and so on. The subject of the photos will always be focused, since you can choose the better alignment for each photo.. If you don’t know where to start just copy/paste the script in the demo file bundled with the script.


This script preloads and resizes images to fit them inside each “cell”, so you don’t need to make images of same size or proportions! Be just sure the weight of your photos is good for web (that could mean from few Kb up to 100Kb depending on desired quality).


It’s also possible to add captions simply adding them as ALT attribute of each image. The captions can be static or shown on rollover. jQuery Tiles Gallery


If you know a bit of javascript you can easiliy add any further functionality to the gallery, simply passing your function as callback.


You can set a default horizontal and vertical alignment for all the pictures, but you can also overwrite the default alignment simply using the “data” attributes on the IMG tag. And now it ‘s FREE

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