Joomla SEO – Settings, Understand and Practice

Joomla SEO is always the most important step for any joomla site what the owner want to make it popular. Basically joomla support all of features for SEO basic andĀ advance so that we just need to configure to make it optimised for joomla SEO. Now let ‘s follow these following simple tips. Read More »

Free jQuery Tiles Gallery Effect

jQuery Tiles Gallery is a gorgeus way to immediately present all your pictures, the visitors of your web site can see all the pictures at a glance, like no other gallery or slider can do! And now It ‘s free one on codecanyon this month. You can check the demo URL here and download here: Read More »

Turn on product mode for wamp, xamp or lamp

The product mode in wamp, xamp or lamp is the mode where the warning and notice message will be hide and we only see it in log file or just simply disable them too. In this tutorial I will show you a very easy way to disable warning and notice message by change the php.ini file. Read More »

Re-order array in PHP

In this post I will share you PHP tip aboutĀ Re-order array in PHP. It ‘s quite simple but it can take time if you don’t know this simple way. Now let ‘s me show you the situation. Read More »

Simple CSS dropdown menu solution

For a dropdown menu we usually use a CSS menu framework what ‘s too heavy for a simple site. Almost people will not know that the simple CSS menu can implement very easy via simple CSS. Now let ‘s implement a simple CSS dropdown menu solution. Read More »

How to choose the Best Joomla Hosting?

The best Joomla Hosting belong to many factors. Usually, people think that the best Joomla hosting includes fast speed, top performance, and security. This is right to some extent, but not only, these factors are not enough to consider for selection the right Joomla hosting for services. Read More »