Turn on product mode for wamp, xamp or lamp

The product mode in wamp, xamp or lamp is the mode where the warning and notice message will be hide and we only see it in log file or just simply disable them too. In this tutorial I will show you a very easy way to disable warning and notice message by change the php.ini file.product-mode

To edit such setting you can archive this be means of 2 methods

  • Change the INI file setting (permanent solution)
  • Add the INI rules in .php script itself (temp solution)

If you are using XAMPP goto http://localhost/xampp/ and hit enter

Then in the left sidebar you will find a link as phpinfo() click on that

Then Search for the line written something like as Loaded Configuration File C:\xampp\php\php.ini

This is the location of php.ini file.

Open the file using notepad and Search for the contents as

in php.ini file “semicolon” (;) before any line treated as commented line, so just remove semicolon from the above line and your new line will be

Save the notepad file


Its all done.

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